Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool (Breakbot Remix)

Breakbot remixes one of Phoenix’s most popular tracks: Trying To Be Cool. By adding a funky bass and crisp high-hats, Breakbot livens up the tune and turns it into a funky electronic beat. One of the most obvious differences right off the bat is the shortening of the guitar and drum lines, allowing for crisper pick-ups that fit better with the funky bass line so prevalent in Breakbot’s remixes. Breakbot also really cleans up the melody and takes the feedback out of the guitar. Vocally, Breakbot really strips down the muddled vocal line and allows it to stand more in the front above the dance-y bass line. All in all, it’s a really fantastic remix that both highlights the original’s style while also showcasing that classic Breakbot groove. Listen to the original track below so you can see what changes Breakbot made for yourself! Please comment with your own thoughts!

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