Banks – Warm Water (Snakehips Remix)

Snakehips always bring a funky spin to all of their work. Banks’ original here is a sultry slow jam with an underwater click beat and a rolling synth flow. It really comes together with the vocals, which is a soothing and painful melody. It’s a minimalist track that relies on the flowing synth and the lead vocal. Snakehips’ take on it uses the elements of the original well, while putting in a jazzy (almost speak easy-like) feel on it. The muffled piano sits heavily on the upper lines and contrasts nicely with the short and crisp drum track. They make the vocals sound even smokier than the original and while the track sounds incredibly full and deep, it’s actually quite simple music. What you end up with is a track that feels like it should put you to sleep, but ends up making you want to dance. Both songs feel remarkably similar due to Snakehips reliance on effects changes rather than instrumental ones, but the Snakehips version adds the necessary changes and turn it into a jazzy dance track. Truly one of the more interesting remixes I’ve reviewed so far. Check them both out below and feel free to give us your feedback!

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