Goldroom- Fifteen (Oxford Club Remix)

Oxford Club hits the money with this remix. Goldroom, known for their full electro sound, has an original piece that feels like starry nights on the beach. The original sits in a chilled out place by using a clean bass line, smooth synth melodies, and of course a gorgeous, sexy lead vocal. It doesn’t rely too heavily on a complex beat, but allows the synth to carry the more complex rhythms. Oxford Club does a great job of livening the track and moving it to a funky club. They do this in two ways: first, they picked up the beats per minute and second, moved the melody down into a grittier, fuller key. They kept the synth of the original, but brought it up and made it hit harder. The beat is more exposed, which pushes the entire track into a dance style. The track has flow: moving between a full dance beat and Goldroom’s original chill electro sound. Both songs are great on their own, but taken together, Oxford Club manages to both do justice to the original while also creating a fun new track with a unique sound. Listen two them both below and please comment with your own opinions and thoughts!

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