M83- Reunion (Tropics Remix)

With Tropics’ remix of M83’s Reunion, we have an example of a remix that outperforms the original. M83’s track feels like a teen pop-rock song that goes a bit frantic due to the loose crash symbols and repetitive bass and lead guitar riffs. Sure, it’s a fine song, but it doesn’t have the depth that Tropics gives the remix. Chris Ward, the man behind Tropics, cuts the track to half time and strips it down by exposing the vocal, bass, and drums. He starts the track with the sexy voice over that we find about 2/3s of the way through the original. The first time I heard the song, I got a little turned on. Couple that with the steamy muffled synth and the heavily weighted drums, you have a track that’s easy to get down to. The remix feels honest and open by taking out the slam dance nature of the original, and it’s much better in my opinion. You’ll find both tracks below and please tell us if you think we’re full of shit or striking gold with our analyses!

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