Rhye- Open (Bondax Remix)

Rhye and Bondax: two of my current favorites who stand on relative opposite spectrums. Rhye representing the fresh new face of indie-folk with soft, sweet melodies and beautiful, falsetto vocals. Bondax currently is trying to make a dent in the growing electro-pop, indie-electro scene and the two producers are doing a great job. This remix demonstrates that perfectly. The original song is beautiful. It opens with a beautiful 3 part string chorus, which later gets layered with a 3-part vocal harmony line. The track is minimalist, despite utilizing a lot of instruments. You hear horns, violins, cellos, bass guitar, piano, drums, and even some synth, but it doesn’t overpower because they move in and out of the track seamlessly. Bondax does this justice by keeping the track sweet and tender, but they also puts their watermark on it by beefing up the beat and bass at around the 45 second mark. Their track grooves while Rhye’s original soothes. Rather than let the vocals stand alone and exposed like in the original, Bondax brings in a nice harmony loop underneath most of the verse, giving the vocals some depth. Perhaps the highlight of the remix track is the muted piano and crescendoing vocals at around the 2:30 mark. It gives the track life and breath. Give them both a listen below and please comment with your own thoughts! Also if you get a chance, check out Rhye’s live performances for some great original music.

One thought on “Rhye- Open (Bondax Remix)

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