Circle Down – AYER (Keljet Remix)

I don’t know if it’s the Chicago winter, but its been quite a long time since I find a song I can dance to while I get ready for class in the morning. If you too are out of sync with this ritual, most of you have but are too ashamed to admit it, look no further than this post. The prescription for solo dancing is here and its called “Circle Down” by AYER. This remix comes all the way from the Netherlands, where the duo under the name Keljet worked their magic. AYER’s original is a suave piece with neat percussion and a catchy piano sequence that carries the melody throughout. Keljet makes this track a party-exploder by elevating the tempo and boosting the bass line, while replacing the piano riffs with a dream-pop synth line. If there is an equation out there to get the Golden Ratio of party mixes, there is no doubt in my mind that Keljet found it. Be sure to check out both the original and the remix, and don’t forget…dance away.

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