Justice- On ‘n On (Video Village Remix)

Definitely one of the more progressive remixes we’ve seen in terms of liberties taken with the original framework. Video Village turned what was a minimalist track that relies on the ethereal vocal and choppy drum beat into a groovy jam. Video Village added just about everything and the kitchen sink to brighten up this track. They start smooth with vocal, bass and a light cymbal, but once the rest of the beat fills in they add a bright and lyrical piano line. By the 1:30 mark, the track really hits its stride with the bouncy piano dominating the upper range and that well-layered funk bass underneath. Enter: Blues Guitar just before the 2:00 mark. Video Village keeps you guessing in this track and doesn’t let your ears idle for a moment. The original track feels like an epic track and really drives to the heavy bass drum, but doesn’t quite build like the remix. The additions made by Video Village, I think, really improve the track. That being said, Justice is one of my personal favorite duos right now and they’re on Ed Banger Records along with Breakbot, so keep an eye out for other tracks by them! But don’t take my word for it! Listen below and comment with your own thoughts and opinions!

P.S. See the original video below, easily one of the weirder ones I’ve ever seen

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