BΔSTILLE – Pompeii (Monsieur Adi Remix)

What do you get when ancient enemies join their forces? A TRACK FOR THE AGES! That’s right Ladies and Gents; I’m talking about none other than the Brits and the French. The incredible vocal agility and catchy tunes of the Indie band based in London BΔSTILLE, combined with the powerful electro synth vibe of French house producer Monsieur Adi, resulted in 4 minutes of ear bliss that certainly brought back the “pump” in ‘pom’eii last year. The original track has a classic indie feel to it, with a captivating performance of lead vocalist Dan Smith, backed up by the melodic chorus that stuck in everyone’s head, making this track a top 40 in 2013. Monsieur Adi, however brings the synth line hiding in the original’s sidelines back to life, slowly building up while accompanied by the crisp vocals and snappy percussion. Then, the mix fully explodes into a French house and electro-driven piece by the 1-minute mark. Monsieur Adi, then proceeds to decompose the piece back to its founding elements, and for almost 2 minutes, it build’s back to yet another dynamite burst that transports you back to the crowed dance floor. Be sure to check out more content from Monsieur Adi and Bastille, as well as the lastest posts here on CasaSwoop. Adieu and Cheers mates!

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