Chromeo- When The Night Falls (SAVOY Remix)

So this is a fun one. We’ve got Chromeo’s Nu Disco groove track “When the Night Falls” being remixed into a house banger by SAVOY. The original track would fit perfectly for John Travolta to dance to in Saturday Night Fever. It’s got all the symptoms of funky disco beat, a nice rhythm guitar, funky bouncy bass, and of course a futuristic synth line dancing around the upper register. The vocal interchange between the male and female leads really adds a nice element to the track and makes it that much more fun. Now, the remix is decidedly different. Personally, we have yet to go quite this “house-y” in our reviews, so this is a fitting start. This track has a bit more natural flow than your classic house remix, probably due to the flow of the original. It starts pretty relaxed with the vocal taking the focus. But then, at around the 1 minute mark, all hell breaks loose. You get a classic 4-8-16-32 beat pre-drop and then an electric synth line that takes up almost the entire front of the track. Some might say that it drowns out the nice parts of the original, and I’d agree with you, but then at the 2-minute mark, the track calms down. The original comes through a bit more as the vocals are reintroduced and that overpowering synth takes a bit of a break. As a house remix, this is as good as you’ll find. Even as a house remix of a Nu Disco original, this is as good as it gets. Listen to both tracks below and please give your own opinions in the comment section!

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