Metronomy- The Look (Camo & Krooked Remix)

I love Metronomy. They are one of the few groups today who get that remixes are an essential part of the music scene today. This song, “The Look” is one of the tracks that they’ve opened up to remix artists, like Camo and Krooked, who have done some awesome things with it. The original track feels like it should be listened to while sipping an espresso at a beachside cafe in Cannes. A soft, falsetto male lead and a simple layered drum beat and a bouncy (almost accordion like) synth line make for a relaxed and peaceful tune. It also introduces a really cool barbershop type of vocal layering at around the 2 minute mark. It’s a feel-good track. The remix is…. different. The beginning is misleadingly relaxed and then starting at 1:00 the track starts to build. I mean, really build. You get a double bass drum that reaches a frenzy and leads to this funky slam bass pre-chorus, which I think is awesome personally. It’s a complete 180 from the original and it works somehow. It definitely relies much more on the synth line than the original, which focuses more on the lead vocal, but that decision does a good job highlighting the interesting parts of the original. The only real criticism I have for the remix is that it gets a bit repetitive, they found something they liked and they sort of jam it down your throat. That being said, this is definitely one of the harder, heavier remixes we’ve reviewed so far here at CasaSwoop and we hope you guys like it! Let us know after listening to the tracks and commenting below!


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