Passenger – Let Her Go (LO Remix)

I’m probably jumping in and out of cabs and Uber’s about 7 times every week here in Chicago. Unfortunate for my wallet: yes. But on the other hand, I get to eavesdrop on the occasional radio waves, usually 103.5 KISS FM, the best source to keep updated on the latest Pitbull/Bieber/Miley hits. Not long ago, the waves hit me with the latest song from UK singer Passenger, who’s song “Let her go” has gained increasing presence amongst sorority girls and brunch hotspots in Chicago. Nonetheless, and despite my views on the original, I had the gut feeling of having heard those lyrics before, and so my search for this remix began. After 3 hours of searching through Soundcloud I finally found it!

Germany’s up n’ coming  producer LO, remixed the track into a magnificent deep house piece. Lo hits the Lotto by keeping the powerful lyrics intact while sampling vocal segments into a beautiful garage sound reminiscent of Disclosure. The track is empowered by its simplicity, yet the emotional sensibility of the original is retained if not amplified. This is a great example of how a good remix can transform even your typical radio-hit, four-chord, acoustic guitar progression song, into an exquisite contemporary bass-driven indietronic composition. SNAPS!

If you like what LO’s doing his website is deff worth a visit! This kid is wicked-mad talented!
LO website:

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