C2C – Genius (Yuksek Remix)

There’s a genius up and in you tonight

So much SWAG! C2C brings their full throttle classic sound back, ohhh the sound of funky guitar riffs and old style vinyl spinning n’ scratching paired with laidback vocals. Sweet baby Jesus of Groovytown I can’t control my head from bobbing to the beat. Genius feat. Gush is exactly the kind of track I would choose if I had to pick a soundtrack for my life. Like if the original wasn’t amazing enough, French producer and DJ Yuksek kills the track, allowing it to have a second life in the awesome super chill nu disco electro pop heaven: a place where the dance floor is made out of clouds and the sun is a huge spinning disco ball. All funky metaphors aside, I cant really describe the technical differences between the remix and the original without spontaneously bursting into dance, and in all honesty the people in ex-libirs café right now are not worthy of my performance. So please, I urge you, NO, I double urge you to stop doing whatever you’re doing and listen to these two songs RIGHT NOW!

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