Ghost Beach- Miracle (Le Youth Remix)

I’ve been looking for the chance to do something with Ghost Beach. I love this band. They, like Metronomy and Trails and Ways, have been open to remixing and collaboration on their work and Miracle is a song ripe for artistic interpretation. The original is a pump-up electropop dance track, complete with a poppy rhythm guitar and that classic processed vocal sound. The first time I heard it, I got weird looks from people sitting around me in the library because of my seated bounce-dancing. But that’s what this song does, it makes you want to dance. That’s why I was so intrigued when I saw that Wes James, the man behind Le Youth, had decided to remix it. The original falls well outside of Le Youth’s regular material and his interpretation shows that. We can all agree that the original is a busy, upbeat track. Le Youth decides to strip it down, almost bare, and reconstruct it as a smooth, brooding track. It opens, simply, with a bass drum, synth, and intermittent xylophone. Eventually you hear the vocal come in and it feels vulnerable and exposed over the simple beat and understated synth line. The vocal in the original is embedded within the complexity of the instrumentation, the remix decides to leave it bare, which reveals the depth in the vocal that gets sort of lost in the original. It’s so refreshing to see a remix that actually decides to strip down the original rather than pile onto it and Le Youth does a masterful job of that here. There are a ton of remixes of this track and I would seriously suggest you take a look (particularly the Trails and Ways remix). In the meantime, listen to these two below and comment with your thoughts!

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