Clubfeet – Last Words (C90s Remix)

Indie, do you accept to take synth’s hand as your wife? “I do!”

Synth, do you accept to take Indie’s hand as your husband? “OMG Yes, I do!”

But wait there’s more… it’s two babies! Indietronic and Disco! What a joyous day it is! The C90’s remix of Clubfeet’s “Last Words” is an upbeat disco party track that will make your feet stump. The original indie piece is demolished and built back up by adding a plethora of synthesizer sequences (C90s love synth work) from the base line all the way up to the vocals, making this song a personal favorite. To whoever though that indie and synth-based disco were incompatible, the union between these two artist is enough reason to silence anyone who was about to interrupt upon hearing “speak now or forever hold your peace”. Happy Monday!

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