London Grammar – Hey Now (JAW Remix)

I’m a 20-year-old student at the University of Chicago doubling in Public Policy and Political Science, hopefully graduating two years from now at the age of 22. Will Stenhouse and Jonah Lovell are 17 years old, probably still in high school, and yet they are establishing themselves as a successful production duo based in the UK under the name JAW. Kids these days huh? The duo has released few remixes and although their sound is still under construction, they have put out one remix that has been definitive in the musical landscaping of their career: London Grammar’s “Hey Now”. The original track is a down tempo dreamy piece completed with smoothing vocals and accompanied by a guitar sequence. The entire song is tied together with a profound baseline that JAW exploits,  turning the mellow original into a quintessential deep house track. JAW sets a standard ¼ beat percussion and adds a subtle echoed reverb to the vocals that results in the dreamy quality of their mix. Its simple, but that’s precisely the beauty of it, and in turn, its what makes it work so damn well. Nicely done JAW and keep em’ coming.

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