Saint Pepsi- Mr. Wonderful and Cherry Pepsi

So, as you all know, we pretty much exclusively do Remixes here at CasaSwoop. While our focus has always been on remixes, sometimes there are some original tracks that just have to be reviewed. Saint Pepsi (a.k.a. Ryan DeRobertis), an up and coming producer coming out of Boston College, has really tapped into the center of our wheelhouse sound here at CasaSwoop. Producing tracks ranging from dream pop, nu disco, and electro funk, I really hope you guys take the time to listen to his shit. The two tracks below represent the musical spectrum that Saint Pepsi brings to the table. First we have “Mr. Wonderful,” he tagged this track as “Mario Kart Dream Trap” on SoundCloud, and honestly he’s absolutely fucking spot on with that tag. He layers a crunchy/wobbly synth line that comes up to the front of the track over a surprisingly “trappy” snare beat, and then, just for good measure, throws in some dreamy synth over the top that also just happens to work perfectly. Add in the understated, almost BeeGee-like, vocal and it feels like this track is a funky space chameleon trying to constantly blend in with all the musical landscapes changing behind it.

Just when you think you’ve got an idea of what Saint Pepsi’s all about, you listen to a track like “Cherry Pepsi,” released on SoundCloud 8 months ago. This track is the Nu Disco, Electro Funk sound that we’ve tried to bring you with artists like Chromeo and Breakbot and Saint Pepsi nails it right on the head. You’ve got all the usual suspects: a funky slap bass, an upper register set of guitar/synth chords, and a soulful vocal sample. The first time I heard this track I couldn’t really stop dancing. That’s what Nu Disco is supposed to make you do, dance uncontrollably in socially unacceptable places, and Saint Pepsi did it to me. I hope he does it for you too, so listen to the two tracks below and please check out Saint Pepsi whenever you get the chance, we hope to see a lot more of him this year.

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