Beat Connection- Saola (ODESZA Remix)

I fucking love Beat Connection. In my last Finals week, I watched their KEXP live show from MusicFest over 10 times (it’s 30 minutes long). This band is the perfect blend of big band and electronic sounds. This track “Saola” incorporates a nice upper synth line that holds a lot of the rhythm, but oh by the way, they have LIVE DRUMS. Seriously, how many electro bands today are using live drums on their tracks? I’ll answer for you, not many. It adds this element to the music that makes the track so much more honest than those processed beats you find in so many electro tracks today. As if that wasn’t enough, they also bring in a full horn section (trumpet, sax, and trombone). Add that to the sheer power and soulful quality of front man Tom Eddy and you have yourself one hell of a track. I’m not gonna lie, the ODESZA remix is nowhere near as good as the original in my opinion. It’s still good (obviously because why the fuck would I review a shitty track?), but the original is honestly just too good to mess around with too much, which the duo from Seattle does here. Now, it must be said that they probably did the best job they possibly could trying to turn this into an electropop track. They threw in a new synth line that really fills out the electro groove and they sample the vocal track pretty effectively, adding a lot of effects and a lot of rhythmic changes. That being said, the vocal is just so good on its own that I wonder why they fucked with it at all. Also, they chose to push back the live drums, probably one of my favorite elements of the original. Of course, it’s difficult to maintain a live drum beat in an electropop remix, but they essentially scrapped it completely in favor of a highly processed clap track. On its own, ODESZA’s remix is good, but when compared to the original it falls a bit short because it just goes too far off the reservation. But hey, that’s just my opinion, don’t be a part of the mindless masses and simply take what I’m giving you, listen to the tracks below and think for yourself! Take back your power of original musical thought and tell us why you agree or disagree! I’m also gonna toss in a live performance of Saola from the KEXP show I talked about above, it’s just so good because the Honey Nut Horns come in with live horns, it’s gold.

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