Bondax- Giving It All (French Kiwi Juice Remix)

I would imagine that if you’re browsing CasaSwoop, chances are you’ve heard of Bondax. The duo are starting to make a name for themselves in the electropop community and we are very grateful. Their sound, perhaps perfectly encapsulated in this track “Giving It All,” pushes the boundaries by incorporating Nu Disco and traditional electro elements into their greater musical philosophy. This track is one my personal favorites. It has all the elements that I look for in a track. It’s a dance track that has a smooth yet powerful lead female vocal, a simple beat that doesn’t try to overpower the track (all too common in the electro tracks of today), and a melodic and rhythmically interesting synth line that could easily stand on its own. The track starts out small and simple with a layered synth line, but by the end it feels like a classic dance track, that growth has become the calling card of Bondax. French Kiwi Juice (FKJ), unsurprisingly based out of Paris, somehow manages to up the “funk” in his remix. By amping up the funk rhythm in the synth line and bringing out the bass line, he really pushes the sexiness of the track, particularly by accentuating the swung rhythm in the synth and bass, instead of focusing on the electro/dance elements of the original. He also simplifies the track considerably by taking out the background “reverb” effects and cleaning up the vocal. This gives it more of a “big band” feel, as opposed to the processed style of Bondax. At first glance, these two tracks feel pretty similar. But when you dig in a little deeper, you see that FKJ does a fantastic job of navigating the zone between classic electropop/poptronica (where Bondax sits quite firmly) and Nu Disco/Electro Funk. Not an easy task if you ask me. Listen to them both below and please hit us up with your feedback!

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