Frank Ocean- Lost (Trails and Ways Remix)

For some reason I’m in a bit of a throwback mood. I’m going to do another Trails and Ways remix that fits perfectly with the second post I ever made on this page. Trails and Ways have this really interesting process of remixing R&B tracks and totally changing their style. I feel like most of you already know the Frank Ocean track. It’s a great example of Frank Ocean’s R&B flow and sound, which makes Trails and Ways’ take on it that much more impressive. Trails and Ways has an awesome story: students at UC Berkeley who, before forming Trails and Ways, travelled to Brazil and Spain and internalized the rhythms and styles of flamenco and bossanova.You can pretty easily see these influences in their music and remixes, but what makes it so interesting is how they communicate with Frank Ocean’s style. They made “flamenco R&B” with a classic Brazilian beat, which is such a unique take on Frank Ocean’s style. This originality is so refreshing today and I feel like we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t bring artists like this onto CasaSwoop. The remix starts with a sultry Portuguese translation of the original lyrics, a common practice as shown in their “Sure Thing” remix I reviewed earlier. Their style forces them to almost completely rewrite these songs and turn them into something distinctly their own. It’s really exciting to hear the similar melodies and moments from the original while also recognizing that it is truly a stand-alone piece of music (honestly I struggle to even call this a remix). See for yourself and listen to both tracks below and comment with your thoughts!

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