Rhye- 3 Days (Saux Remix)

One of the first remixes I ever posted here on CasaSwoop was the Bondax remix of Rhye’s Open. I think I wrote it before this site had much traction and it fell through the cracks a bit. In order to somewhat rectify this truly unfortunate event, I present you with another fantastic remix of Rhye. The original by Rhye is a rustic and passionate track that starts with a lightly picked harp and spanish guitar. But eventually they bring in these surprising electro elements, like a deep, almost funky, bass and a bouncy upper synth line that almost sounds like strings. This is one of the most intricately constructed tracks you could ever find. Add in the gorgeous upper harmony right after the 1:30 mark, and you get a complex and tasty symphony. Saux, the 19-year old Dutch DJ, utilizes all of these elements and tweaks them just enough to give the track a totally different feel. He brings out the synth which places the track on much firmer indietronica ground. He then draws back the other elements and makes some very interesting choices with the vocal line. Mainly, he raised the lead melody up an octave, while also bringing in the actual original in the smoother, softer moments of the track. It’s a bit of a cheap trick, but it ends up adding a considerable amount of depth to the entire track. It’s a risk and I actually appreciate it. Needless to say, they are very different tracks, but they don’t try to be anything other than what they are. Saux recognizes that there are electro elements to the original and just goes all the way with it. If you want to get a clearer sense of what Rhye’s all about, you should absolutely listen to them perform live. I’m also going to throw in their NPR Music Live set. It’s 30 minutes but worth it. It gives you a very clear sense of what Rhye is trying to accomplish and it paints a perfect picture for the studio tracks. Please comment below with your thoughts or suggestions!

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