Hollow & Akimbo- Singularity (Com Truise Remix)

This is a really cool remix. I get excited when I hear subtle remixes like this that do a really good job of maintaining the original’s sound while injecting stylistic changes that push the track into a completely new genre. Hollow & Akimbo’s original feels like an indie rock track, while also bringing in a number of electro elements. There are 2 bass lines that overlap each other: one synth bass that feels heavy and electronic, and another bass guitar line that follows the same tune but is a bit lighter. H&A change between the two at different moments in the track and manage to completely change the feel at unique moments. Also, there’s a melodic and rock-inspired lead guitar that comes in and occasionally takes all of the focus. I really like this track, it’s all over the place and incorporates rock, electro, and jazz at these interesting intervals through the piece. It’s a wild ride and I like how it drags you through their musical inspirations in a mere 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Com Truise, a.k.a. Seth Haley, picks out the electro elements of the original and plays off of them expertly to create a synthed-out chillwave track. First, Com Truise capitalizes on the electro bass of the original and allows it to carry the lower register of the track. He also amps up the beat and makes it hit a lot harder so as to fill out the track a bit more. He does very little with the original vocal, which I think is a great move. Jon Visger (half of H&A) belts out a passionate vocal that fits seamlessly into both tracks. I think Com Truise saw the merits in the vocal and made the right decision to leave well enough alone and link it with the electro elements he chooses to highlight. H&A’s original is like a remix playground for a DJ like Com Truise, and he does a great job with it by picking the song apart and turning it into an awesome synth-wave track. Listen to both tracks below and please comment with your own thoughts!

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