Nicolas Jaar – And I Say (Xinobi Edit) & Darkside – Paper Trails

Since the creation of CasaSwoop, we’ve never posted about Nicolas Jaar! WHAT? I know, scandalous. But worry not. We got you. Nicolas Jaar, better known as Nico inside the “scene”, and most recently going under the name of his new band the Darkside Project, this 24-year old Chilean-American has some serious skill. Prep School in NYC paired with a creative writing degree from Brown, I can guarantee you that Nicolas Jaar is one of the best-educated electronic musicians out there. This guy definitely knows what he’s doing,  yet the amazing thing is that he actually doesn’t. The experimental quality to Jaar’s music is HUGE, and whatever he plays is basically adjusted to the environment, ambiance, crowd, venue, and general vibe. Jaar has staple tracks like “Mi Mujer” and “El Bandido” sure, yet every time I listen to a Darkside song, it sounds (and feels) different. Without a doubt this speaks wonders of his versatility as a musician. But don’t take my word for it, give his music a good long listen and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Now, we usually don’t make posts this long, but we’re making an exception for Jaar. The selection of music below should be experienced as a timeline of Nico’s progression, experience, and knowledge of music.  The first two songs are his classic Latin influenced electro pieces: they’re chilling yet upbeat and fun. The next piece is one from Darkside: this is much more towards the noise and rock sound. Finally the last video is his BBC Essential Mix, and I’ll be honest with you, the first time I listened to this mix, I cried. To be exact, I shed tears during the intro, a recording of Angelo Badalamenti explaining how he created the theme song for Twin Peaks. Crazy shit.

This mix is an emotionally charged journey through timeless pieces. It’s powerful, beautiful, and perfectly executed. Enjoy!

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