Portugal The Man – Purple Yellow Red & Blue (Passion Pit Remix)

What do you get when you blend together a rock band from Alaska and an Indietronica band from Cambridge (Massachusetts)? Well, the best way I can describe it, is by saying you get something that feels like having a massive ice cream fight in the middle of Times Square in mid July. Just an amazing mixture of colors, flavors, and smiles. This is exactly what happens in Passion Pit’s, yes you read correctly, Passion Pit’s remix of Portugal the Man’s song “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” (Ice Crème Colors, if I may add). This Track begins with a solid beat backup by a poppy, upbeat synth base line. A few seconds later the classic Passion Pit Synth line kicks in: a high-pitched modular synth line jumps with all its playful might. But wait for it, there’s more. The vocals are completely re-mastered to fit the grander scheme of the remix, and with just a right amount of reverb and some play on the equalizers; they achieve a damn good ice cream fight. The original by Portugal the Man is a super organic indie rock track. Go listen and make this Friday worth it.

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