Clean Bandit- Dust Clears (Mausi Remix)

I’ve been listening to these two tracks for a few weeks and now that I finally have a little bit of breathing space between midterms, I’m excited to finally review them. “Dust Clears” came onto the scene not too long ago (6-7 months maybe) and it’s caused a few waves in the electropop/indietronica community. It’s a deep and well-layered track that really takes the time to develop. Young artists today usually don’t take the time to let a track develop into something, but Clean Bandit are methodic in their approach and produce a structured and clean track. It starts with a minimalist layered vocal and simple bass chord progression. This develops into a flowing and dynamic piano line. Eventually, they add in this crisp click beat and a gorgeous female vocal that sounds so dreamy it feels like a track out of Inception (minus the scary reverbed bass bits). The track feels surprisingly full despite not relying on a flowing bass or a lot of crash cymbals on the drum beat. The reason for this is the decision to throw in a compelling violin motif that moves in and out of the track at the most opportune of moments. I could probably go on for days about this track, but let’s move on to the Mausi remix. Right off the bat, you know exactly where the remix is going and it makes sense. They funk up the track by muffling the piano line and shortening it to make it bounce more. They also waste no time to sample the female vocal and allow it to feed into the texture of the track. Based on the beginning, you think it’s going to be a classic electrofunk dance track, but as quickly as it starts, it scales back and allows the beauty of the original to shine on its own. This style of remix is really effective, I think, because it simultaneously revamps the original, while also doing a good job of highlighting the best elements of it. Listen to them both below and tell us if you agree! Also, feel free to suggest any tracks you’d like us to review!

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