John Legend- All Of Me (De Hofnar Remix)

We haven’t reviewed many remixes that sit in this style here on CasaSwoop. Neither of these tracks are particularly complicated. Both take the natural beauty of the piano and John Legend’s unbelievable vocal and just sit there, but don’t think that this means they’re boring. John Legend’s original track is as simply beautiful as an R&B track will come. It has a gorgeous chord progression and, at the right moments, an upper register harmony on the melody vocal line. De Hofnar, an up and coming Dutch deep house DJ, takes all of the simple elements of the original but adds some flavoring bits that take the track into his deep house style. He adds a standard bass/snare beat underneath the original chord progression as well as a heavier simple bass line, but he takes care not to overpower the beauty of that chord progression and Legend’s original vocal. Then, when you least expect it, he goes a bit crazy, and it works so well. Say hello to the saxophone. It makes sense, I mean, Legend’s original is a sultry R&B track, of course a saxophone would work in a remix, and hot damn it does. It really spices up the track, but notice how the saxophone is never on the track while Legend is singing. De Hofnar does a fantastic job of not messing around with the strength of that original vocal. That decision allows the saxophone to sit on the same level as the star of the track, along with Legend’s vocal. All in all, this is a really solid deep house remix, and is part of a larger deep house trend of remixing these type of simple “singer/songwriter” tracks. Take a look at them both below and let us know what you think!

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