Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty (Louis Futon Remix)

We’ve been receiving lots of email submissions in the past couple of days with remixes for us to review. Most of the tracks are great, but I thank the God of Funkylicious-Hip Hop-Jazzy -New Wave-Garage-that I opened this email! I love it! No, but in seriousness Hip Hop sampling in the New Garage sphere has been falling into my radar lately. Is fresh, its fun, its laid back, and it makes me want to dance in the shower. Louis Futon’s remix of Mos Def’s Classic “Ms. Fat Booty” is just fantastic.The song starts with the same female vocal intro as the original, with an added cassette-sounding twist that opens the track with a chill retro vibe. The hard kick of the base drum jumps in, solidly accompanied by the rap vocals of infamous Mos Def. The first of many synth lines gently fades into the composition, slowly building up a dreamy chord progression while the drum track fades away. Are we in paradise?? BOOOMMMM!!! What a drop, and its not only the base, it’s a superimposing of synth lines in the front lines of duty nicely backed up by subtle sampling of vocals in the backstage. I catch a couple of Ohh’s Ahh’s and Hmms, what a blissful delight! The layering of synth work paired with the deep bouncy beat makes this song one of the most auditory stimulating pieces I’ve encountered in a while. These two Philly kids definitely understand the power behind top-notch sampling and producing, so be on the lookout for more of their stuff.

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