Lali Puna- Move On (Baths Remix)

This is definitely one of the more… out there… remixes/original duos we’ve done so far on CasaSwoop, but we’re trying to impart a wide variety of styles and moods within an admittedly small slice of the music world. Also, this is a shameless and completely necessary shout out to Baths, easily my favorite artist right now. I’ll be making another post specifically about him in the near future, but this remix and the decisions he makes with the original are a great example of his approach his music and his talents as a producer. Lali Puna’s original is a very unique and complicated track. The beginning is disjointed and atonal with a lot of electronic samples and a gritty bass line. It feels like a robotic, anti-musical piece and the vocal line feels emotionless and drab. At around the 1:00 mark though, you start to feel the musicality of the piece as the bass line smoothes out and a melodic xylophone line is introduced. The beat remains disjointed and pushes an unusual rhythm that feels just slightly off. Eventually, the track strikes a balance between these melodic elements and the atonal ones introduced in the beginning. Honestly, I’m still undecided on this one: I wonder if the risks taken with the beat and electro samples are just gimmicks to make the track more “interesting,” while not actually adding anything to the actual song. This is exactly what Baths does SO WELL with his music. Will Weisenfeld, the mastermind behind Baths, is one of the most talented composers and could probably do anything he wanted in the music world, and I am so glad that he chose indietronica. His remix starts out very differently from the original in that it introduces the best melodic elements of the original right away. This way, he gives you that taste of the beauty within the track as an almost sampler to where it will go. Once you think you have an idea of what kind of track it is, he throws in a rhythm that takes you out of the melody and keeps you on your toes with a lot of 16th and 32nd hits that fall between the natural rhythm. That isn’t even the best part. The original is an understated track, it doesn’t try to throw to much at you. Baths takes this template and fills it out into a robust, epic masterpiece in a way only he can. He fills in the track with a lot of sustained upper register notes, which contrast the bass line’s movement and add a lot of depth to the track at the 2:30 mark. Every time a listen to this remix it surprises me because of how far it takes the original. I’m going to stop rambling about how much I love Baths now, but listen to the two tracks below and you can see what I mean for yourself. Please let us know what you think and enjoy Baths’ incredible talent.

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