Years & Years – Real (LeMarquis Remix)

I broke my bones playing games with you”

Try to imagine taking a regular bus and transforming it into a party bus. It’s not going to be an easy task, it will certainly take you time and dedication, but with the right amount of effort the results will pay off.  You will need drinks, music, funky party hats, colorful umbrella drink mixers, Hawaiian flower necklaces, decorations, et etc etc. This is exactly what French based LeMarquis did with Years & Years single ‘Real’: Hell of a party bus, NU DISCO party bus to be more precise. The opening guitar, the pop sounding bells alongside the funky drum line and ultra funky base line. Killer combination. Furthermore, the original track is great to remix since the vocals are fantastic to begin with, allowing LeMarquis to basically leave them untouched. Overall this is one of the strongest remixes I’ve encountered so far this year, so be on the lookout for LeMarquis because when it comes to funky Nu Disco the French know what they’re doing.

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