Jai Paul- BTSTU (Alexander Gastrell Remix)

I first heard Jai Paul earlier today and I’ve been down the rabbit hole for the last 2-3 hours. I’ve decided to resurface for a bit and share this completely unique musical experience with you all. Jai Paul’s story is one that I don’t even fully understand. His recent self-titled album leaked a while ago under shady circumstances, but I’m not really complaining. This is possibly the most popular track off this album, it was released a few years ago but makes a reappearance here. “BTSTU” is a disorienting track. It starts with an arpeggiated vocal sample that feels spacey and distant and a falsetto line that dances even higher. Just when you come to terms with the flow of the upper register, in come this hip-hoppy beat and an almost drum-and-bass inspired metallic bass line that pushes the original beauty into the back of the track. This ebb and flow of styles puts this track in a realm of its own. It feels like a deep roller coaster twisting and turning through the beautiful and the harsh: two conflicting sounds that clash but never overpower. It’s not a particularly well-mixed track, it feels disjointed and clunky, but you wonder if this is intentional because somehow it makes sense and it all comes together in moments when you least expect it. The Alexander Gastrell remix is an exercise in patience and restraint given the aforementioned musical roller coaster. The inherent difficulty in remixing a track like Paul’s original is not trying to stuff every element into a different “box.” This track covers so much ground, trying to hit them all is meaningless. Alexander Gastrell, an Australian DJ, understands this and does a good job of changing it just enough to be a remix, but is conservative in his work. The first step is picking up the BPMs and speeding up the first vocal sample, while pulling the harsh bass back considerably. He focuses on the beauty of the track by stretching out the melody and adding a few more “chill” elements. This changes the make-up of the original and I personally find it refreshing. I don’t think this remix really comes close to the original, which is honestly too complex to be remixed effectively, but it’s a great effort. Listen to them both below and tell us what you think!

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