Bad Suns – Cardiac Arrest (WoodysProduce Remix)

WoodysProduce, an electronic music producer and sound engineer from LA, categorizes his work as Hipster Pop: an interesting blend of Indietronica and Hip-Hop, with some hints of Chillwave. His latest work, a remix of Bad Suns single ‘Cardiac Arrest’ is a wicked find. This mix is basically what happens when you take a chill high school senior kid, hand him a cigarette, get him a tattoo, and sit him down in a slick ride: what a bro! WodyProduce takes the original down tempo indie track and incorporates a completely reinvented Trap-sounding beat that gives the piece a Hip- Hoppy, yet laid-back vibe. In addition to the game changing drum track, the synth work in this remix is quite delectable. Its fresh, smooth, and it holds together the harmony of the piece by engaging with the vocals, who are touched up here and there in some fitting moments where simple vocal sampling takes place.  All in all, this is the perfect remix for a relaxing Sunday night talk with your friends and some white wine. Check out more of WoodysProduce work in his FB, Twitter, and Official site. Happy Sunday!

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