Erik Hassle- “Talk About It” (Saint Pepsi Remix)

I’ve posted about Saint Pepsi on CasaSwoop before; in fact, he was our very first New Swoop. His original stuff is, obviously, unbelievable and very well done, but his remixes are also incredibly well put-together. His remix of Erik Hassle’s “Talk About It” is a tremendous showcase of his capabilities is a remix artist. Erik Hassle’s original is a minimalist synth pop track that grows to almost epic proportion with little more than a powerful, deep bass, a compelling moving synth line, and a passionate vocal. The track breathes between just a simple beat and synth, to these towering chords that seem to come out of nowhere blended perfectly with a two-part melody/harmony line. This track, for me, is defined by doing what isn’t expected. There are so many subtle changes that are made that keep this track fresh and current without falling into the sort of cheap tricks that you’ve come to expect from these “big” synth tracks. The asymmetric beat with all the accidental hits and the surprisingly timed chord changes in the synth line kept me on my toes constantly and make the song worth more than one listen. Saint Pepsi, in classic fashion, turns this track into this sort of dreamy synth track that could easily be read as an R&B slow jam, pretty different from the original, right? After a few listens, however, you realize that Saint Pepsi stays remarkably close to the original, but makes just the right changes to put his unique trademark on the track. First, he slows it down in the beginning. The original leads with the beat, but Saint Pepsi’s remix shows you almost immediately that the dreamy synth will be the star of this track. He muffles the vocal and embeds it deeper into the track instead of leaving it exposed as in the original. But don’t let that fool you into the thinking that tremendous vocal is lost, in fact because it stands on the same footing as the synth line, the musicality of the original vocal is actually enhanced. There are so many interesting moments in this track, like the seemingly random moments when the beat gets trappy and takes all the focus, but somehow it all ends up working. Both tracks are excellent in my opinion and both worth a listen, or 10. Check them out below and tell us what you think!

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