Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy (Uru Project, Lighwaves, &, FGRHLT Remixes)

Strange Talk has been one of my favorite bands for the past couple of years. These guys from Melbourne have serious talent, and it’s a blessing that they’ve chosen to apply it on the indie playground. Eskimo Boy is a song that screams indie perfection: a solid base line, crisp percussion, catchy synth line, and playful yet dreamy vocals. The original is, in my opinion, better than any remix out there. Anyhow, the purpose of this post is not to debate who does a better job, but rather to show off the great versatility of opportunity that a track like this presents to remix artists out there. Below is not one, not two, but three completely mind-blowing remixes of Eskimo Boy.

The Uru Project Remix adds a funky vibe into the original. Starting off with a neat piano chord progression, Uru then brings in a funky guitar riff that kicks the melody up a notch in the untouched vocals. Its groovy and its upbeat. Uru Project is clearly bringing the FUN in funk.

The Lightwaves Remix is more of a house-sounding piece. With emphasis on the modified synth work and a faster tempo beat, this remix is a winner for those looking to take some shots and dance away.

Last but not least, the remix by FGRHLT  is the sexier version out there by far. Slower tempo, sensual beat, seductive base line, and elongated interludes with vocal reverb. Well, you get the idea.

Check out all the mixes and you’ll understand what I’m saying about bands like Strange Talk. Its music like this, that by providing artists with a platform for growth and exposure, achieves invariably new and exiting levels of talents. I’m a proud fan!

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