Midnight Pool Party – I Want, I Need (LeMarquis Remix)

Since 2013, Darren Morilla and Oliver Dea Cruz have been dedicated to the glorious cause of keeping disco music alive. A noble purpose if you ask me. Now, this is not only disco in the strict sense of the word. Midnight Pool Party is also indie, Nu Wave, and electronica all in one. Australia is definitely leading this revival of funky electro music waves along with France and the UK. As described in their official page,

Fans of Chic, Breakbot and Jamiroquai will relish in ‘I Want, I Need’. Members Darren Morilla (vocals and keys) and Oliver Dela Cruz (guitar and bass) have crafted a potent cocktail of funky guitar licks, infectious keys, chest-bursting choruses and swoonsome hooks, forming a nostalgic celebration of disco and its pioneers.

The original is without a doubt a masterpiece. Although simple in each of its components, ‘I Want, I Need’ succeeds in combining all these wonderful elements into one integral song that just makes sense. The drum line sounds completely organic, a rare occurrence in the Nu Disco spectrum, a feature that adds a sense of realism and electricity, nicely fitting in with the funky strings and chopped-up sampled vocals.

Parisian producer LeMarquis, which we featured last week here on CasaSwoop, takes the original, drops the drum line and replaces is with an upbeat clap drum track that highlights the disco vibe overall. Yes, this makes the piece more suitable as a dance piece, but interestingly enough Le Marquis also decides to introduce a heavy slap and pop bass line that contrasts beautifully with the tropical Caribbean sounding winds he also squeezes in! It’s exactly how it sounds like: Breakbot and Justice had a baby and his name is Le Marquis. Be on the lookout for the tempo changes in the bridges between the verse and chorus, they have a scent of dub that teases the ear into what seems like a massive drop, but SURPRISE, IT’S FUNK!!!!!

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