Panama- Destroyer (Cosmo’s Midnight Remix)

This is a monster remix. I absolutely love Cosmo’s Midnight, the fantastically talented twin-duo out of Sydney. Their original work is great, (I suggest listening to Surge at your first opportunity) but their remixes are arguably even more on point. I’ve already posted their remix of Flume’s Sleepless (also a great track), and this remix is just as incredible. Panama’s original is a solid track. It starts slow, with a sustained synth and some nice textual effects. It’s a relaxed track that uses the bass to drive the beat while the different synth lines flow around it. It’s dreamy and understated with a vocal that doesn’t take too much of the focus, a touch that I actually really like. To me, this is a driving song. It’s soft and slow with a really “chilled-out” feel to it, and yet, it’s surprisingly complex musically with a lot of different elements. This is exactly why Cosmo’s Midnight’s remix is so damn impressive. Somehow they take this chilled out, deceptively complex track and turn it into an awesome blend of R&B and ElectroPop. The big change that they make is that, almost instantly, they introduce this trappy beat that hits way harder than the original. They keep the vocal understated, as in the original, but thin out the synth a little bit to allow it to stand a bit more in the front. Then, they bring out my favorite part of the song at around the 30 second mark: this awesome upper register synth line motif that drives the melody for most of the track. The funny thing is that this part isn’t even a big element in the original and it’s my favorite part of the remix. That’s the mark of a great remix, when the artist takes something that doesn’t seem important in the original, but makes it the star of their rendition. That’s why this remix is so strong, Cosmo’s Midnight totally change the feel of the original by simply highlighting different elements of the original and making some beat changes, and all of the sudden you have this awesome ElectroPop track. It’s songs like this that make me excited to keep posting on CasaSwoop and we hope that it gets you guys excited to keep listening! Listen to the tracks below and tell us what you think!

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