Chromeo- Lincoln Hall (Mar. 5, 2014)

Chromeo is coming to Chicago this weekend. Honestly, I don’t know why we’re even posting about it, because tickets are sold out (which is a fucking shame) and they have been for a while now. That being said, if you like them enough, you should scalp tickets because it’s going to be an incredible show. Chromeo is perhaps the most famous duo on the French record label, Ed Banger Records. Known for their Funk/Nu Disco style, Chromeo has become a world recognized artist. Their show is at Lincoln Hall, which is an awesome venue, and Chromeo’s sound will fill that place up really well. If you’re looking to get down and dirty and boogie away, this is the show for you. Chromeo’s funky dance groove could get the most rhythm deprived, shell of a human being to dance like a depraved lunatic. Isn’t that the mark of a great show? I think it is. I chose two tracks below that I think perfectly represent what Chromeo’s all about. Listen to the songs below and check him out for yourself!

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