The Weeknd- Wanderlust (Snakehips Remix)

Now, some of you might roll your eyes when you see that we, along with everyone else in the electronica scene, are posting about Snakehips’ newest remix of The Weeknd’s “Wanderlust” which was released 3 days ago. To give some perspective for people who maybe don’t follow Electronica as closely as we do here at CasaSwoop, this track is currently the #1 most blogged about song on Hype Machine. Some of you might say, “well shit, why don’t I just go and read those reviews?” That’s a good question, you could, but I’ve personally been following Snakehips, the London-based Electro/R&B prodigy Ollie Dickinson, for at least the last year and have already made several posts about him (see the reviews on “Warm Water” and “On & On”). I would be doing all of you, and myself, a disservice if I didn’t post about Snakehips. So here we go. The Weeknd has a knack for making these brooding R&B tracks. “Wanderlust” feels animalistic in its hard hitting snare and muffled spoken word backtrack. Abel Tesfaye’s vocal here is just as exposed and pleading as always. His falsetto vocals are always gorgeous, but here in Wanderlust, coupled with the darker elements described above, the falsetto feels almost out of place surrounded by chaos. His lyrics mirror this emotion:

They’re in love with this idea of love

It’s a shame that they’ll believe it will come

Tesfaye is looking for beauty and love where they may be none, and this comes through in the track. The Snakehips remix engages with this “inner dialogue” in an interesting way. I mean, in his classic style, he jazzes up the track with the now “expected” muffled piano that I’ve talked about in my other reviews. But I think that these changes go beyond Snakehips simply applying his standard style to the track (even though at the 1:05 mark, he uses the exact same sample that opens On & On, which I think is a cool homage). By “loosening up” the track and taking it away from the brooding, semi-dark place of the original, it communicates with Tesfaye’s lyrics in a different way. The pleading nature of his vocal feels more playful. Snakehips also pulled back the vocal and embedded it into the awesome synth melody he developed. It’s a fantastic remix, which is why everyone is so damn excited about it. I have to do my part to expose Snakehips as much as possible, because he deserves it and his music is fucking incredible. Please check out the tracks below (sorry for the shitty lyric video for the original) and tell us what you think, even if you think we’re selling out by reviewing such a popular song!

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