The Neighbourhood- Aragon Ballroom (Mar. 24, 2014)

The Neighbourhood (NBHD) isn’t exactly in CasaSwoop’s electronica, Nu Disco, etc “wheelhouse” per se but we think that at least a few of you would be interested in seeing them live, honestly I probably would too. They’ve seen a revitalization as a result of their most recent hit “Sweater Weather,” which has been bouncing around the electro/rock scene for a few months now. I really fucking love that song because it’s just so damn sexy. Seriously, listen to it and tell me if you don’t get a bit hot and bothered. I really think this would be a fun show. I love classic alternative rock shows: a super loud guitar and live drums, it doesn’t really get better than that. Not to mention that The NBHD apply a lot of borderline hip-hop elements to their tracks. Sometimes, even the most avid electronica fan can get bored of watching the same dude stand behind the decks and play some tracks, though that doesn’t happen very often. Aragon is one of those classic venues that has taken a lot of the (now closed) Congress Theater’s business. For example, David Guetta will be playing there pretty soon, so that should give you an idea of what kind of venue it is. The NBHD make “scream out loud” tracks and I think that those shows can be the most fun sometimes. One of my favorite memories is watching Matt & Kim live at Bonnaroo, I think this will be a similar vibe. If you’re into that, then I think this is the show for you! I’ve put “Sweater Weather” (obviously) and “Let It Go” below, two tracks of their most popular tracks off their latest album I Love You. I’ve also posted one of the most awesome covers I’ve ever heard. They covered “Say My Name” and “Cry Me A River,” which is fucking awesome. So yeah, there you go.

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