Viceroy ft. Ghost Beach- While We’re In Love (Oliver Nelson Remix)

So this review is our way of getting back to CasaSwoop’s “roots,” in a sense. Ghost Beach, featured here with Viceroy, is one my personal favorite electropop/rock groups right now because of their upbeat music and the unique style of lead singer Josh Ocean. We reviewed Trails and Ways’ remix of “Miracle” earlier on CasaSwoop so be sure to check that out. We’ve also already had Oliver Nelson on CasaSwoop for his “Suit & Tie” remix. Known for his smooth electropop tracks, he does another great job with this track. Viceroy and Ghost Beach’s original sits in this place between Nu Disco and Electronica. The majority of the song is remarkably staccato with a bouncy and funky synth line and a simple clap track. This really allows for Ocean’s powerful tenor vocal to take the spotlight. At the most opportune moments, the choppy synth cuts leads to moments of stretched out chords with no beat underneath. This contrast is a nice touch from Viceroy and gives the track some depth. At the 2-minute mark this track goes a bit house-y and honestly, I like it. You get a sort of standard “power-down” drop that drops right into the synth beat, and this drives the track to the end. Oliver Nelson decides to do away with the choppiness of the original in favor of using the synth as more of a melodic device, as opposed to a rhythmic one. He also beefs up the bass a bit, which allows for the Ocean’s awesome vocal to stand out even more, along with the really nice harmony line underneath the vocal that gets a bit lost in the original. Admittedly, these songs are not that different from each other. They both subscribe to some standard “house” elements: they both incorporate “crash drops” where the beat stops and then crashes back in, and they both use a heavily rhythmic synth (more so in the original). That being said, they’re both great dance tracks by artists that we’ve already fallen in love with here at CasaSwoop and we hope you guys appreciate them too! Listen to the tracks below and please let us know what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or even in the comments below!

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