Holy Ghost!- Wait & See (Flight Facilities Remix)

Here’s to hoping an upbeat couple of tracks can snap you out of your Sunday funk. I’ve been searching and searching for an opportunity to get Flight Facilities on this page and here we are! I think both of these tracks are a lot of fun. Holy Ghost!’s original has an 80’s disco feel to it with a futuristic synth and a great bass vibe. The vocal doesn’t take too much of the focus here, despite being a really interesting and melodic line. There are a ton of pieces to this track. You get a piano, a harpsichord, a fast, driving drum beat, and so many synth lines it’ll make your head spin. It’s obvious that this is an electro track, but somehow it feels like a funky blend of rock and disco. I think this track hits its stride at 3:00 mark though, when it really drops into the groove. The vocal goes into this chorus type “oh oh” line, which is always fun, and the bass line changes very slightly, by dropping a bit lower and slowing down. This change is just enough to give the track a really different feel. It suddenly feels less playful and bit more like a serious piece of music and that brief glimpse is really nice, in my opinion. I think that Flight Facilities chose to focus on this later part of the track in their remix. The bass is really picked up to the front of the track and given a bit more punch and the synth line is shortened a bit to sound (almost) like an acoustic guitar. The vocal line, also, is pumped up a bit and brought to the front, a really nice touch in my opinion. While this track is also pretty firmly in the Nu Disco realm, it doesn’t feel as “peppy” as the original. It’s a bit heavier in a lot of elements: primarily the beefed up bass and the fact that the beat was thinned out a bit when they took out the 16th cymbal hits and kept it mostly in the snare. This is the type of work that you would expect from the talented duo from Australia, who also happen to be one of my favorite artists in the electro world today. So please give these tracks a listen and tell us what you think! I’m also going to post the music video for “Foreign Language,” which is an awesome song and perhaps an even more awesome music video. Enjoy!

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