Joe Hertz- “At Your Touch” and “Badu”

So, originally, I wanted to post a remix of Joe Hertz’ incredible track “At Your Touch,” but honestly, all the remixes were just not good enough. As a result, I’ve decided to just post two of his original tracks and write one of our famous “New Swoops.” Joe Hertz has a really great electro/R&B crossover style that I’ve come to appreciate. Let’s start with “At Your Touch,” which was released 7 months ago. I love so many different parts of this track. First and foremost, the fantastic vocal. This smooth and passionate vocal is where the track gets its R&B elements. There are a number of different vocal lines that often sit an octave apart to give the track this “dream-like” feel and add a lot of depth. The bass line is bouncy and doesn’t sit in the same place, which is a great way to keep the song fresh. The beat is understated so that the melodic elements, synth and vocal, can stay in the focus. This movement between electro and R&B make this a tough song to figure out, but sometimes you don’t really have to. I think that the description on Joe Hertz’ SoundCloud actually explains this perfectly:

The mix of its rousing core and lush delivery makes ‘At Your Touch’ somewhat hard to place but all the more standout for it.

More and more, nowadays, we’re seeing artists who make music that is a blend of so many styles that it becomes impossible to legitimately “identify” or “categorize” them, and those are the artists that I find the most interesting. “Badu” is another example of this “identity crisis.” “Badu” was released 2 years ago, which means that we get a glimpse into Joe Hertz’ musical progression. The track is considerably more chilled-out than “At Your Touch.” But the relevant elements are still there. You have a strong R&B style vocal, a simple beat that doesn’t try too hard, and a lot of nice sustained synth elements in the upper register. The one big difference between the two tracks is in the bass. In “Badu,” Hertz opts for tuned bass hits to carry the lower register, which makes song a bit more top heavy, not a common element in electro tracks. This track is admittedly more Chill Pop than anything else, but it’s still really really good, especially when you consider that this is from 2 years ago. Seeing an artist’s musical progression is always really exciting and I hope you guys enjoy it! Please listen to both of these tracks below and tell us what you think!

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