AlunaGeorge- Your Drums, Your Love (Friendly Fires Remix)

It’s been WAY too long since we’ve posted anything on CasaSwoop. It’s sort of embarrassing, but whether we like it or not, we are college students and we do have finals. However, as I sit here on Spring Break without a single care in the world, I can’t think of anything better than kicking Spring off right with some awesome new music! These are a couple of tracks that I’m super excited about and have been for a while, with a couple of artists that I really love. AlunaGeorge’s original “Your Drums, Your Love” is a track that I found a while back, but I’ve been really into for a while now. It’s a crazy sexy song. Right from the beginning, you’re slapped with these really smooth and deep synth chords. These lead seamlessly into a gorgeous bass line and a surprisingly complex drum track. This isn’t that complicated of a track, but it’s beautiful in its simplicity. That trend is maintained in the vocal line, which somehow manages to be the star of the track despite feeling so laid-back and relaxed. This song has such a unique feel to it, it has so many electronic elements, but will throw curveballs at you like a jazzy muffled piano in the background and a beautifully layered harmony vocal that sneaks up on you when you aren’t focused. Somehow it’s like electro-R&B and I can dig it. This “in between” space is probably what drew Friendly Fires to remix the track. Friendly Fires, the electro-rock fusion group out of Hertfordshire, England, is definitely one of my favorite groups out there, but I’m much more familiar with their original tracks. That being said, I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that they had taken remixing into their talents and had chosen such an intriguing track. They decide to incorporate some of their classic sound, such as their rhythmic melody lines in what sounds like bamboo pipes, as well as a dreamy drawn out upper synth line. This remix feels a bit more “full” than the original because of all the elements that have been added. For instance, Friendly Fires decide to highlight the gorgeous vocal harmony at 2:45 as well as allowing the track to “slow down” at some moments, which gives the track a lot more room to grow. At times it may feel like there’s a lot going on in this remix, but that’s precisely what makes it so interesting because it almost feels new every time you listen to it. Please listen to both tracks below and let us know what you think! I decided to post AlunaGeorge’s music video because I personally think it’s awesome. Enjoy!

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