Chloe Martini – Closer & Intuition, RÜFÜS – Take me (Chloe Martini Remix)

When i was about 6 yrs old my parents bought me a keyboard, and i remember spending hours learning how to play all the tracks from my keyboard by ear. After finishing the school i’ve never touched piano for about 2 years i guess. And then i heard Ruyichi Sakamoto, incredibly amazing composer, from that day i decided to compose music scores. Sakomoto was and still is my greatest master.

Not surprisingly, some of the best producers and electronic musicians taking over the scene are flowing in from the far side of the iron curtain, and Oh Sir, it is heavenly nectar to my ears! Chloe Martini is all about squeezing the sexiness out of music. Now, don’t mistake this for romantic, no no no… This is pure sensual midnight sweat, a bite on the lower lip, and burning out cigarettes. Its dark, it’s entrancing, its almost forbidden, and we are loving it!

Chloe Martini, the Warsaw based producer known to family and friends as Anna Żmijewska, is a 20-year-old (younger than we are here at CasaSwoop) that people can’t seem to get enough off. Starting off her musical career as an instrumental film score composer, Chloe made a transition to electronic music, where she has struck success by introducing a more mysterious and deep sounding atmosphere to the chill-wave and chill subgenres.

The Single ‘Closer’, a collaboration between Chloe Martini and L.A. based Penthouse Penthouse, is a groovy Kaytranada-souding piece. Deep base line, dreamy vocals, and a crisp synth line, elements that in unison yield a calm yet sexy tune. Unlike ‘Closer’, Chloe Martini’s sound of choice is a much more mellow sensual tune. A slower tempo and slightly deeper vocals (if any at all) make up most of her pieces. Her musical argument is simple yet profound and touching. The point is to convey emotion by touching on those feelings that generic music usually doesn’t reach. There is no need for vocals to tell the story of a break up and, in her own unique way, Chloe Martini skips the breakup and takes us directly to the passionate love making, if not carnal sex. Her music tells the story by allowing us to be the authors, and that is something I’ve been looking for in electronic music for a while. Bravo Chloe, bravo!

I leave you with two more pieces by Chloe Martini, one of them is perhaps the most touching piece I’ve herd from her titled ‘Intuition’, and the other is her most recent remix of Rüfüs’ ‘Take me’. Enjoy, and as always, share your thoughts!

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