The Griswolds- Mississippi (Magic Man Remix)

Welcome to the middle of Spring Break. That’s the feeling that I’m trying to pass along to all of you with these tracks today. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually in the middle of Spring Break, because these tracks have a way of bringing you there. Our original, The Griswolds’ bright journey “Mississippi,” is a track that feels like a weird electro mix of Fleet Foxes and Grizzly Bear. This band out of Sydney really brings the “electrofolk” style with this track that simultaneously includes live drums, a funky bass line, acoustic guitar, a bouncy synth, and of course the folky vocal chorus saying, “Here we go walking down the Mississippi on our own.” This is the type of mixture of styles that make today’s electropop and indietronica scene so much fun today. The vocal chorus is so well blended you almost forget that these are 3-4 voices working together to create a number of beautiful arpeggiated harmonies. By the middle of the track, you begin to feel the electro elements come out a bit more, the acoustic guitar slowly drops down creating almost a second bass playing a funky line, with the real bass holding down the lower register. These electro elements are really brought out by Magic Man in their remix, released last month. Magic Man belong to Neon Gold Records along with St. Lucia, CHVRCHES, and Strange Talk. This remix fits well within that style and takes this “electrofolk” track and brings it deep into chillwave. First, Magic Man decide to slow the track down considerably and bring out the synth elements in the upper registers. The vocal, while effectually very different, stays relatively unchanged in tone or register. The harmonies that make the original so beautiful are maintained and supported by the elongated synth line. These tracks are remarkably different, and yet Magic Man’s remix manages to maintain the most interesting elements of the original to create something that feels like a continuation of the original. That’s what makes remixes like this one so exciting. So please listen to them both below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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