The Knocks- Comfortable (Lightwaves Remix)

In case you haven’t noticed, we really like our Nu Disco on CasaSwoop and both of these artists are a lot of fun. The original by The Knocks is a musical journey that dips between Nu Disco, Deep House, and some R&B. This duo, The Knocks, are on Neon Gold Records along with Magic Man (see their remix of ‘Mississippi’ in the previous review) and St. Lucia. The track starts pretty minimalist with just a simple bass synth and drum line. At first you think this is a deep house track that will stay there the whole time, but then at 1:30 you get this funky synth line and the bass line starts to bounce around more and blend better with the R&B style vocal. Oh yes, the vocal that’s so stylish and flowing that it feels like it grows through the entire track. By the end of the song, it’s hard to believe that it isn’t already a remix. All of the sudden you get this completely funk-inspired synth line and the entire track just manages to come together. Lightwaves doesn’t really mess around and he comes out with a pretty Nu Disco dominated track. Lightwaves, the electropop DJ out of D.C., also did a fantastic remix of Strange Talk’s “Eskimo Boy,” which was reviewed a few months back. Their remix of “Comfortable,” released a little over a week ago, is a lush track. From the beginning you get a high-strummed rhythm guitar and a mid-range synth line. Oddly enough, the “deep house” elements of the original in the bass and drum lines are maintained. Despite keeping these deeper parts, the rest of the track is classic Nu Disco, which actually blends better with the original vocal. Suddenly it feels like a dance track, instead of the “speak-easy” style of the original. It’s those subtle changes that make remixes like these so exciting. Using familiar elements of the original and putting them in an entirely new musical context. Please listen to both tracks below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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