The Presets- Goodbye Future (The Aston Shuffle Remix)

So these two tracks are definitely a lot more “housey” than we usually get with our reviews on CasaSwoop, but seeing as Spring Break is over (for us) and Ultra was this past weekend (yes we do know that), I figured that now is as good a time as any to get some pump up music out there for all you house-heads. We’ll start with the original track by The Presets. The Presets are a duo out of Australia who have been on the scene for over 10 years, and they’re still cutting awesome house tracks like “Goodbye Future.” The Presets are on Modular Records along with other great artists like Van She, Cut Copy, Bag Raiders, and Tame Impala, and their music definitely subscribes to the “dance” culture at Modular. This track, “Goodbye Future,” is meant to get you dancing around like most other house tracks. The main elements here are the upbeat synth lines that really pick up at the 30 second mark, the lead vocal, and the vibrating bass line. Oddly enough for a house track, there’s really not much of a drum beat here, the synth lines really drive the beat, especially the upper ones that move around constantly. That makes this track a bit more musically complex and refreshing than your standard house track. The Aston Shuffle remix is really really good as far as remixes go. The duo (also out of Australia, no surprise there) do a great job of changing the song enough to change the style, while not completely eliminating the elements that make the original so good. The remix definitely relies much more on percussion than the original, and also makes a point to beef up the bass elements. Honestly, the remix has way more depth than the original, but you can do that with a track that’s 6 minutes long. It moves between a hard, bass-dominated beginning, and a much more melodic section at around the 3 minute mark that relies on the vocal and the upper synth lines of the original. Eventually, at 4:45-5:00 minutes, it blends these elements into an almost entirely new track. They find a way to balance the dancing synth line with the crunchy, vibrating bass line and that contrast is something that I personally found really compelling. Please give both tracks a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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