Booka Shade – Crossing Borders (Pleasurekraft Remix)

Now, for the question everyone has been asking: What is Pleasurekraft? Well, our minds can now be put to rest with the answer coming from none other Kaveh and Kalle (Pleasurekraft himself)…“A simultaneously visceral and cerebral experience induced only by the seductive, deep, groove heavy, underground techno inspired music that you hear the kids listening to… – Common side effects include: unrelenting head bobbing giving way to complete surrender to physical movement commonly referred to as ‘dancing’.”

Why I love this remix by Pleasurekraft is truly simple. They took a truly mediocre and dare I say quite shitty electro track and transformed it into a deep house-like track, served along with a side dish of crunchy synth lines that feature sporadic pops of Kavinsky-reminiscent west coast 80’s grunge. Don’t get me wrong though, I respect Booka Shade’s work in general, but in my opinion their era is long gone and my guess is that Pleasurekraft was quite aware of this, or else why take the track to a whole new level? (by a whole new level I mean completely deconstructing the piece and rebuilding it from the ground). The vocals are adjusted to fit the general darker vibe of the remix and the drum line deepens complements the base sequence to output a truly deep feel. Overall this track is a great fit for a rainy afternoon drive on the highway, or a perfect tune to get a party gathering momentum.

Give it a go, and enjoy!

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