Chromeo- Jealous [I Ain’t With It] (The Chainsmokers Remix)

DAMN these two tracks are hot. Like fucking smoking hot. Chromeo and The Chainsmokers aren’t exactly “low profile” names, but honestly when you get a few tracks that are this good you just absolutely have to share. We’re quite familiar with Chromeo on CasaSwoop because they cut these EPIC Nu Disco tracks. Seriously, if these two songs don’t make you want to get up and dance then you should probably check and see if you have a soul. Chromeo’s original is what we’ve come to expect from the superstar duo on Ed Banger Records and is the first single off their upcoming album White Women. Now, some of you might be wondering, “CasaSwoop, you’re always talking about Nu Disco, but what is it really?” Well, curious reader, this is a great example of Nu Disco. So we start with a nice rhythmic acoustic guitar that sets the tone of the song as upbeat and dancey. Then, in comes the upper synth line, that actually drives the rhythm for most of the song, and this deliciously funky bass line that hops around like some kind of funky rabbit. Notice that the drum beat isn’t really that pronounced, the synth is really where this track gets it’s progressive rhythm. Also, we can’t forget Dave 1’s silky smooth vocal that’s so characteristic of Chromeo. I love the breakdown at 2:45, which really highlights the unique quality of his voice. The Chainsmokers are one of the few standard “house” groups (just played at Ultra this past weekend) that I really really appreciate, mainly because they’re willing to remix tracks like this one. Now, let’s not kid ourselves, this is a pure house remix, but damn is it good. One big change is that they introduced a piano in this remix, which I think is a fantastically innovative style change because it’s a huge textural difference with the acoustic guitar of the original. But, notice how much focus the piano takes. At the beginning of the track, it’s actually the only rhythmic device other than a light cymbal line. This piano eventually gives way to a really hard hitting synth line that absolutely screams house, but it works well here because of the synth elements of the original. The Chainsmokers do really trim the vocal on this one, allowing for other instrumental elements to come to the front, but at the 2:00 mark they isolate the vocal and allow it to stand in the front for a while, which I think is a great way to pay tribute to the original. Overall, these two tracks are fucking gold. I really think that they both are perfect representations of the Nu Disco and House styles today and I hope that you guys agree. I decided to link the music video for the original, rather than the standard SoundCloud link because I think the video’s pretty sick. So please comment below and tell us what you think!


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