Flight Facilities- Stand Still [ft. Micky Green] (Wave Racer Remix)

Flight Facilities are so cool. Seriously, every single song they’ve released is absolute gold and each one has its own unique flavor to it. “Stand Still” is no exception to that rule. This track is certainly more “minimalist” than previous tracks from the Australian duo like “With You” and “Foreign Language,” which are lush, hefty tracks. It’s like comparing a full, heaping plate of spaghetti and meatballs with a more delicate and tastefully intricate gastronomic dish. It’s tough to say really which is better because they satisfy totally different cravings. “Stand Still” chooses not to use elements that we’ve come to get used to with Flight Facilities, like a full section of horns, or a powerfully sexy R&B vocal. This track opts for different methods to add flavor, such as the soft whistled line (which adds some great texture), Micky Green’s bashful vocal, and a number of unexpected rhythmic changes in the 80s style beat. These characteristics make for a track that sounds very simple, but is actually relatively complex in the way that the elements interact with each other. Honestly, the unusual beat, comprised of a trappy snare and a click track, shouldn’t fit with the more relaxed melodic elements. It’s so refreshing when artists choose to frame their style in a different context and that’s what was done on this track. Perhaps the best part about tracks like this is that remix artists can play around with different styles more. We have a prime example of that here with Wave Racer’s remix. Wave Racer is another talented Australian producer who has worked very closely with one of my personal favorites, Cosmo’s Midnight. Wave Racer’s style is similar to Cosmo’s Midnight and Flume in that it incorporates trap, chillwave, and dream pop elements with loads of synth and really intricate beats. Wave Racer takes a lot of liberties with this remix. The most notable of these is his decision to essentially cut the vocal line and really focus on the whistled line of the original. I really like this decision because the melodic elements of the synth are allowed to mingle with that whistled line and create an entirely new melody that contrasts very well with the trappy beat. This really reminds me of Cosmo’s Midnight’s remix of Panama’s “Destroyer,” which also focused on a seemingly mundane part of the original to create an entirely new melodic structure. No surprise that “Stand Still” was released on Future Classic Records, the record company that houses Panama and Flume. Listen to the two tracks below and please comment with your thoughts!

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