The Aston Shuffle – Won’t Get Lost (Flume Remix)

This remix is a perfect example of why Flume is perhaps one of few electronic musicians out there that truly understands vocal sampling within the stylistic context that falls inside his musical palette. What I’m talking about here is the ability to take vocal samples from an original track and rearranging them as to fit a new ‘vibe’ so to speak. In the case of The Aston Shuffle single “Won’t Get Lost”, flume takes a very indie-sounding piece and translates its essence to a chill-trap environment. Simply astonishing and even more so impressive is the fact that Flume put out this remix over a year ago from today, during a rather raw –so to speak- period in his career in the electro scene. Mad Talent.

Now about The Aston Shuffle, The Canberra based house and indie band has been killing it since 2006 when they began producing state of the art Disc Jockey electronic pieces along with electronic production for other mayor players in the field and their own electronic music radio show under the name of Friday Night Shuffle. In summary these guys are awesome, and Flume remixing them over a year ago, makes the whole situation even better.

In terms of the music itself the original track is a solid indie song that jumps in with a two-step base line neatly accompanied by a drum sequence. The vocals kick in and set the tone to a mellower one, splendid bursts of synth sneak in, and eventually the whole thing comes together (guitar riffs and all) in one wholly indie piece covered by elements of house. The song keeps doing this back and forth thing, where in a split second you are no longer listening to idea but house and before you know it, BOOM… indie again. Full of interludes, transitions and build-ups thins song is a subtle roller coaster for the lovers of the genre.

Have fun and Enjoy!

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