London Grammar- Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me (LCAW Remix)

Mmmmmmmmm this remix is slick. LCAW, the wildly talented chillwave DJ out of Munich, takes London Grammar’s original and turns it into a fantastically full chillwave/deep house track. I shouldn’t have to say much about London Grammar, seeing as they are one of the most popular groups out there today. “Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me” is a pretty cool track. It uses a lot of unconventional methods to develop a pop track, like a set of bongos for percussion, that make it a refreshing listen, while also particularly difficult to place. There are really just a few things that I’d like to highlight because the remix is a bit more complex than the original. First, those bongos I mentioned give the track a really different type of rhythm that must have been a dream to work with from a remix perspective. Bongos, definitionally, have a different natural tone and cadence, it’s more compelling than your classic drum set. Second, we have the lead female vocal. As anyone will tell you in modern music, a good vocal can completely make a track, and this song is no exception. The vocal reminds me of Florence and the Machine a bit, at least in its power, but I would want you to focus a bit more on how the vocal is blended with the rest of track. At various moments, it will stand with nothing but the bongos, or the guitar, at least before the “climax” of the track at around 2:10. At this point, the lead vocal blends with an octave harmony that really drive the track to the end. The vocal is good on its own, but when filtered through these different mediums, it gains a lot of depth. LCAW’s remix is a little over 7 minutes long, so there are a lot of different phases in the track. From the beginning, LCAW establishes a fundamentally different beat from the bongos of the original. While they are still there, they’re complemented by a bass and cymbal line that adds a bit of pop to the percussion. Because it’s 7 minutes long, LCAW can afford to basically splice whole sections of the original and then morph them into this style. At some points, you get the standard guitar/vocal combo of the original, but this will eventually give way to the deep house elements that LCAW wants to focus on, like a clap track and a lot of toned synth/xylophone lines that mingle with the vocal a bit more than the guitar of the original. These melodic elements in the synth lines are not really present in the original, along with the elongated bass synth that really fills out the track and pushes even more towards deep house. Obviously, this isn’t really a standard “deep house” track because of the natural melodic elements, but adding those elements really turn this remix into something completely new, which I think is really exciting. Please give both tracks a listen below and feel free to comment with your thoughts!


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